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  1. I have tried helpdesk...
  2. Run the game as administrator was the first thing I try.
  3. No can't find it anywhere on my HD
  4. I can't find it anywhere on my computer.
  5. I can't find "receipt.txt". But I find "mmfs.dll" and the "Runservice.exe". When I try to activate ToW-2 it tells me it is already done
  6. I run the game as administrator, and I do have the original TOW game on my computer, which runs with no problem. I also have the latest update on my system. I going to check "receipt.txt"
  7. Well, When I install the game it runs to 99% of installation. It installs the game, DirectX and Adobe reader. When the installation comes to configuration I get C++ runtime error. I have managed to register the game, but not to start. When I try to launch the game I get the same C++ message. The demo works fine on my computer
  8. Did try to install the demo. It worked perfectly on my computer
  9. It’s the full game version. I have tried to uninstall it and still I get C++ runtime error.
  10. Pleas help! I get Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error when I trying to launch ToW-2 Africa 1943. My system settings are System: Vista-32 Processor: 2.5 GHz Pentium Dual-Core Ram: 4 GB Graphic: GeForce 9600 GT I don’t know what causing it since I have tried to follow the instructions on the ToW2 web page when you get C++ runtime error Cheers Niklas
  11. If it going to be a ToW2. Pleas make a cold war game then.
  12. bus

    Too often

    Hi, I think that the AI is too good at hitting the gun or the tracks on tanks. It happened too often fore the game to be enjoyably to play Ok, I know that a Pz-III did immobilise a gun on a Kv-1. But as I understand the hit was pure luck. I haven’t seen any documentation that gunners did hit guns on enemy tanks with purpose, and hade that in system to immobilise guns on tanks. cheers/ bus
  13. I think that it needs a campaign style like CC3. The experience from solders comes to more use in the game, and the player gets the units he wants.
  14. I’m aware of the tutorial videos, and think they are really great. My problem is not to create mission or campaigns. My question is how to attach units to a mission in a campaign and same units are still in your deployment list in the next mission.
  15. Hi, I want to create a campaign to ToW there the player in the first mission choose units from the “reserve list”. In the following missions are the units that the player have chosen in the first mission still in the deployment list, and not as in the original ToW campaign units return to the reserve list. How should I do this?
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