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  1. I just logged in but there were no more servers? Is anyone still playing this game?
  2. 21:00 Dutch time (19:00 GMT, 20.00 BST, German 21:00) is fine with me ;D
  3. Oups I am afraid so, I was still thinking in GMT +1, that probably why I was too early yesterday.
  4. Lol, another Steel Beasts player I love that game, to bad it doesn't work in Linux (with Wine): http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=6336
  5. Was a nice match About those zebra textures; afaik only the geforce 8* series has problems. i'd file file a bugreport with the buntu folks.
  6. Yeah I know, unfortunately that's around 2 A.M. here
  7. That is great news! What about a Euro match on Wednesdays? How's 20:00 GMT?
  8. I am on GMT + 1, and apparently the only EU player :'( I am also in favor for more games.
  9. I wonder how many active Dropteam players there are and where they're from. That way it might be easier to meet online (e.g. organize a match on Wednesday for European players). Please leave a message to let me know.
  10. Great to have at least one server back online, does anyone know what happened with the other servers?
  11. I just informed, these lines come at 1000mbit. And from what I understand there is an excellent connection (max 100 ping) from Amsterdam to the States
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