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  1. Thanks, Terif, that helps a lot! Seems like very few people are still playing SC1; are most playing SC2 or is there anything new and better out there? SC1 is a bit long in the tooth, and although I bought SC2 I can't get my friends to even try it out because of the no-hex issue. Any recommendations as to what is currently the best SC1 equivalent out there?
  2. Oh, I just found this and many other scenarios are still available at: http://www.panzerliga.de/en/docs/szenarien/szenarien_sc_1.php
  3. Hi, I'm still a comparative newbie playing SC1 with a friend and have a question. If an occupied city cannot trace a friendly "last controlled hex" line back to the capital, does the occupying country only get partial MPPs for that city? I read in one post that the MPPs go down to 50%, is that correct? And if you re-establish the friendly controlled hex path during your turn, can you then build new units normally, or can you only build new units in cities that start the players turn connected to the capital? Thanks for any clarificarions, this issue doesn't seem to be addressed in either the rules or the strategy guide.
  4. The only 1938 scenario I have is one called The Gathering Storm. I have emailed it to you, hope it helps!
  5. Thanks for the replies, guys! I talked to the guy I'm playing and he says he thinks he was giving me the best side since he plays Allies against the Axis at max handicap and wins by '44. Sounds to me like that's because he's playing the AI, but I guess the only way to convince him would be if he were to play someone here and see whether it's true or not. Sounds like that won't be too easy since everyone is playing SC2 now, and he is a die-hard SC1 fan. Ah well! Thanks again for the replies, I really appreciate the help!
  6. I am playing the 1939 Fall Weiss campaign PBEM game as Allies with a friend who says he has played hundreds of games against the computer but never against a human opponent. It is Dec 41, he just attacked USSR after they prepared for war. He has 12 strength infantry, 11 strength planes, 11 strength ships, rocket units, but the tanks look like they are still 10s. Half the UK navy is gone, I am about to lose Egypt, France fell in a few turns (what can I say, I am still learning the rules), the UK has been lucky in research and I can make level 5 jets but I never have enough MPPs to make new units. Looking at the USSR, I don't see how it is possible to hold on, much less turn the tide with the Axis out producing me by a big margin and most of my units getting slaughtered before they could even move. I came to these message boards to see if there was some optimal strategy for the Allies, but it seems as if the consensus is that against a veteran Axis player you need a bid for an even game. Even if the US entered now (I think they are at 70% or something) I don't see how anything can happen other than a resounding defeat for the allies. So I am thinking of chucking it in, and asking for a new game with a bid. If I play Allies again, what would be a fair bid for a veteran Axis player to give me to make an even game? Also, are there any mods I should make in terms of other things like neutrality status or entry levels besides just changing initial MPPs? Thanks much for any replies! [ May 19, 2007, 08:10 PM: Message edited by: MichaelOrsus ]
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