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  1. first the demo shuld run on my realy common lowendahardware, for now it dont do so even i have met the minimumspecs ... thats not a sign of qualety for my understanding and barly lure me to spend even one cent. i have tryed it on a friends comp with higher specs and it worked fine there but u see almost nothing .. its a small map, i dont know if there r is a larger more complex scernery possible in dt, not many units avialble and i dont see how many players realy play the game what might be also factor to convince me that the game might be good.
  2. well nothing new ... i cant figure out whats the problem ... and dt-support is unbable to help -> unistall!
  3. have tested it on a friends comp there it runs without any problems ... sadly i got no idear why it fails to launch ... i will check this tread back in a week or so ...
  4. awesome, i hope i get it runnig soon to give some things a shot
  5. hmm only 12 players? the rest sounds good to me, can i try things out on the demo or do i need to buy the 'cat in bag' ?? (atm i have serios problems running it)
  6. soweit scheint DT ganicht zu kommen um dieses log anzulegen... again, DropTeam Demo is installed (the installer said that) but dont start, it even produces NO DropTeam.log it seems to abord before ... i just got the logs posted above! as LaunchCore.log says it fails to load DropTeamCore.dll but the file is located in the bin folder. what can i do?
  7. atleast i downloaded the demo a second time but it doesnt help: Launch.log: </font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Launching .\bin\DropTeamMain.exe Launched Finished</pre>
  8. hello, im downloading the demo this moment but also read that the demo not show evrything ... so i have some questions: 1. how many player on a server are supported by DT? 2. are more than one player to control a vehicle possible? 3. is it only groundbased combat or is also zero-g/space/underwater battle possible? is there a smoth transition from space to the planetsurface? 4. is there a way to limit weaponfire by the heat they produce that if it raises to high its not unlikly the unit will go boom? 5. is a more sophisticated part-damageg-model behind vehicles or just one simple amor-bar like in BF? 6. i have nothing found about legged vehicles, are they possible?, if yes what types r aviable? biped, biped-avioid(bird-like), triped, quadlegged? sixlegged(spider like)??? [ March 18, 2007, 08:07 AM: Message edited by: Moe479 ]
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