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  1. MeatEtr ... D/L'd games are not ALWAYS up to date with patches PRIOR to D/L as you state . I have several that I D/L that weren't patched with a current version ~
  2. The patch and the mods will work with either version ! I had the same question when I got this sim and you're good to go with either version. I got the Stratagy First version and I really love this sim ...it's just to bad the developers gave up on it so quickly as it had a lot of potential. If ya have any questions feel free to ask and I'll help as much as I can Later ~
  3. Hey October ... I'm glad that worked for ya Happy Huntin' ~
  4. They won't actully be there, they will be in your CACHE folder inside the main Iron Warrior folder. So when ya click on user missions link through to the MAIN Iron Warrior folder and then to the CACHE folder and they should be in there, then ya select the mission ya wanna run ! If ya tried this then I have no clue and wish ya luck !
  5. Anyone know if this is possible or not ?
  6. Wicky ... I've tried that way and no go ... I did get a solution to the problem if anyone is interested and it works ... In your main Iron Warriors folder create a folder and name it OUT and inside that folder create another folder named SCRSHOTS. When ya snap a screen shot now they will appear inside that folder and yes it works ! Good luck gentlemen and Happy Huntin' !
  7. hmm .... doesn't anyone know where these things go or how to get them to show up somewhere ?
  8. Is there any way to increase the BKS Ap Hollow Charge ammunition and if so ...how ? Thanks for any reply !
  9. Where do the screen shot's go after ya take'm ? I have the stratagy first version and I have looked in every folder in the main folder and I can't find'm no where. I even tried the paint program I have and they ain't there either ! Can anyone help I would appreciate it ~
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