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  1. Waiting for an updated demo and needing to see some full servers.........
  2. Thank CR, I read throught another thread here dealing with similar issues and I think it must be a client side issue. I do get some "warping" indicating network lag but not bad enough to worry about. Upon looking at newer video cards, I see I may be well behind the times with my 5900.
  3. moku9

    system specs?

    I seem to be experiencing some lag issues with DT and am under the impression it must be on my end. I'm was hoping a few of you without such problems may post your specs so I can start narrowing down an upgrade priority list. I'll show you mine if you show me yours: P4 1.8 asus p4p 1 gig ddr 400 dual sata 40 gig drives geforce 5900 cable modem defragged and latest drivers etc. seated facing east towards chicago all advice welcome but lets leave my haircut out of it....
  4. Thanks for the info. Where would I get the most bang (pun!) for the buck in updating my machine to make DT even more enjoyable than it already is? I'm unable to find a min-specs list anywhere on the main site. I assume my processor and ram are good to go. I run dual sata drives on an asus p4p board so that should be fine. What card are you guys with no lag issues running? I defrag and update drivers regularly. Are non-nvidia cards better for this game? I agree it must be on my end, chicago aint that far away. It's a great game model and I'd like to start playing it more and making mods. thanks for any input......
  5. Is the full version (online) as laaaaagggggyyyy as the current .9x demo? With more than 4 humans on a server this demo is barely playable. Any more than four and forget about it. p4 1.8 1 gig ddr geforce 5900 Cable modem Colorado
  6. moku9

    Worth it?

    Where are the servers and why are they nearly always empty?
  7. I second the request for a demo that is an actual demo of the game!
  8. Hub, change your name to 'captain obvious' and stop thread jacking. and now back to the topic assigned... I'd like to see (or should I say hear?) feedback from the bots: - Task Completed - Can't do that - Roger stuff like that.... Also, it seems anyone can tell the bots what to do (maybe only when there is no com?) How about making it so players are granted command over a bot or two so others can't cancel the bot orders. Maybe this could be earned via kills or team points?
  9. I would like to see a 'remove commander' option for those strange people who beg to com when in fact they don't know how. Yes, we can vote to kick but that seems excessive. I would like to see player names color coded by team in the in-game text messaging: "Juda killed mutard with yadda yadda".
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