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  1. You can use "printscreen" or something like "Paint shop pro".
  2. Pour les joueurs francophones c'est ici (for the French gamers it's here) : http://www.39-45strategie.com/Le-test-Iron-Warriors-T-72-Tank-Command.4341.0.html
  3. You must switch on the "sct". I don't know how you call it in English, look the manual, it's the systel wich calculate the distance beetween you and the target (for the T72 and T-55 only) Sorry for my English...
  4. The BEST video I've never saw about this fantastic tank ! Thanks !
  5. All is good, I finished the mission, the goal is effectivly to kill all the soldiers. I tried to engage the T 72's, they burnt me before I see them...
  6. @Pandur, yes it's this single mission. I have ever shot the car but not win...perhaps a man escape ? I will retry. Thanks
  7. In this training mission, my first objective is to kill the civilians in the village. There is no civilians, just few soldiers and a british car wich goes to the serbian base to the north... Where are the civilians ? help !
  8. The second trainig mission is finished. Destroy artillery and tank is great ! The problem is when i've destroyed the artillery betwin the two building the objectif isn't validated. I'm must start again the mission and the first objective is OK...
  9. I have finished yesterday (this morning ?) the first training mission. Drive the T 72 without kill the engine is fun ! Just a little problem, sometimes validate some waypoint was difficult (must turn around the flag on the map to validate...)
  10. No, I just try last night the training mission one, drive the T72 : I think I have burnt the engine in the middle of the mission (lot of smoke and the tank stop moving....) I probably retry tonight (lot of work so it's hard to play)
  11. It's done, 29.90 euros. Just installed and see the options and the first trainning mission. All is written in French but the voices are in Russian, like in Forgotten Battles : very fun. This game remind me Armored Fist 2 but more realistic. Now I must learn how to drive the beast...
  12. Ok, I'll buy it this afternoon, and install it probably tonight...
  13. Hello, T 72 is avalaible in France (Iron Warrior : T 72 command). I will buy it tomorrow. Is it possible to install the missions pack 1 and 2 on it ? Sorry for my English ! [ May 17, 2006, 04:53 AM: Message edited by: Albertmarcel ]
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