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  1. A few seconds before the end of the game, MY Paladin went flying off the ice map's base wall. It tumbled through the air at lightning speed, then stopped and hung there, with the wheels all over the place. Sort of like Kurtz's. I have a screenshot... how do I post it?
  2. zephyr817


    I've noticed that ATGMs have some pretty erratic behavior. Sometimes, when a rising dropship is targeted, they'll go in circles around the dropship until it disappears, without hitting its target. Also, several times an ATGM has been fired at me while i'm in a Hurricane. If I'm moving at full speed, the ATGM goes in circles around me for a while, then finally crashing into the ground. Thoughts?
  3. Will infantry squads be implemented in a future demo update? How about the first retail release?
  4. During recent battles, despite not dying very much, my "death" count on the end-of-game breakdown is obscenely high (i.e. 27, 33, etc.). Anybody know why?
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