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  1. lol well im not quite sure what your saying but something I did worked because I played the entire mission lol. Thanks anyway.
  2. AH! That may be it! I think I might of given myself some artyillery. If I delete that would it hopefully work then?
  3. But I didnt touch the triggers.....is there a way to reset the map how it was before I messed with it? Or a place where I can download the mission to get it back to its original state?
  4. All right I got that but now I have another problem.......on the first French mission where you have to retake the trench I gave myself a few extra armored cars and when I went to play the mission I take the trench but then I win....and the Germans are supposed to Counter Attack.....so anyone have anyidea what the hell I did? All I remeber doing is adding 2 armored cars and giving them ammo.
  5. Sweet! I'll be there in a few days. Come pick me up in the airport I'll be the one wearing a clown costume being tased by the cops for yelling "BOMB!!!!!!"
  6. Lol heres me sitting in my Man Utd. Shirt reading your comment fox trying not to find out where you live and fly over there and punch you in the face lol. But I wouldnt do that becasue thats just to much cash not that your not worth it =)
  7. Yeah I agree here. It's not that big of a deal to me but it would be a nice little option. Like you little messages to the Americans and Canadians there mate =D
  8. Ah! That might help lol. Where is this option exactly?
  9. Title is pretty much self explanatory. I've been trying to mod some missions in the campaign by putting more units in as reinforcments to get bigger battles but the trouble is 99% of my reinforcements have no ammo when the spawn. Can someone tell me how to give them ammo or make sure they have it. Thanks.
  10. I was thinking about ammo loads for soldiers and tanks and grenades and stuff like that.
  11. Allright thanks. I'll try this out.
  12. It is Dunquirk (sp?) where you have to defend against wave after wave of german tanks and infantry and I just cant do it! And I have tried moving my AT guns but no matter where they are they get taken out very quickly and I dont bother re-manning them because they will get taken out again and I need the infantry.
  13. Is it possible to mod TOW files? I want to tinker with them. If so can you point me to the right folder(s)?
  14. Just got this game a few days ago and I love it and I finished the Polish campaign with no problem. So, I started the French campaign and got through the first 2 missions fine and the 3rd mission looks great fun so I start it up (on medium) and with in the first minute both my gun crews a taken out so I put more men on them and they get killed and the guns are destroyed instantly. The german tank gunners are still on the edge of the map! I tried it again on easy and the exact same thing happened! I moved up my tanks and they actually get to take out a few tanks but the either get taken out or run out of ammo! Can someone please give me some pointers here?
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