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  1. I take your point on board! but! at the same time, how good would a view from the observation tower be with crew on the decks! or! crew on the bridge and at their stations! take a note out of SH3 books with their staffing on the guns and stations, and the crew chatter that can be heard while at silent running.
  2. You know what? with all the graphic enhancers that have played a part since the originals, only one game has really done it for me in a specific way. I had a look at the screen shots to PT Boats, and the effect of having crew being visual is a big turn on! I can only hope that some crew are to be seen in this new installment! Imagine the visual impact to having crew scuttle around the ship as GQ is being called, men posted at their AA stations, crew running back and forth from posts to ready their positions! This i guess is something that has to be thought about! the time has gone where Naval Giants on our PC's are empty, lifeless creatures of the deep! for god sakes! bring em to life! CaptCav
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