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  1. thank you for your reply! and guess what?! His name was Erwin too !!!!
  2. Hi ther! Are there still any experts on finnland? I just discovered an old photograph of my grandfather wearing a uniform of the finnish volunteer battalion of the armed ss. But as far as i know he was german and i thought there were only finns in this unit. Has anyone got a clue how this can be? Any way is there good literature on this unique formation?
  3. Will there be the good old hotseat mode? Sorry if it has been asked before!
  4. My first impression? Too few scenarios! Especially small 2 player maps. I hope there will be a better a quick battle editor like in CMx1.
  5. For those interrested in board games check this out: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/2965/page/1 Cheers Skolman
  6. I still enjoy all old titles! Mainly because of the many different troops and vehicles available....
  7. I bought the game a few days ago and I found some info on the weapons in the booklet. Unfortunately just in the pdf version.... after all I still miss the "enter button" , especially for special equipment on vehicles.... not everything is shown on the interface panel and the used icons are very small....
  8. Hi ! I just played the demo and I noticed that i miss the "enter" button for vehicle and unit info. (weapon fire power, armor thickness and special equipment like it was in the older CM games) I especially miss a description of special equipment on tanks (optics, sights, radar etc..) as well as range of missiles.... can this info be found in the booklet or is it somewhere in the game? ..and another question: is the body amour of US troops modelled in some way? Regards, skolman
  9. It might be possible that the 50.cal immobilized the tank but the chances for this are very low. How was the ground condition in this battle? In combat mission it is possible to bog down even on a road. In that case it might represent an engine failure or something. That´s why i like CM so much; through some kind of abstraction thy achieve maximum realism! Cheers Skolman
  10. It seems that the demo has some problems with all the new implementations! some error messages keep on appearing during online games... either this will be fixed or I have to buy this game after all ! ..and sorry for the bad english Skolman
  11. the defiant would be great, but difficult to incoorperate in the game. would need some new rules...
  12. damn it ! I just made a proposal to make a good game even better.
  13. Hi there What I would like to see is another system of victory conditions. Right now , you play a set number of turns and the player that has more VP´s in the end has one. I think it would be better to play until one side got a fixed number of VP´s and then the game ends. In my humble opinion this would be more realistic.
  14. sounds great ! will be a very strange plane to fight with ! ...concerning the other thought, it was just an idea of bringing more historical accuracy to the standard mode of play. Battling people all over the net and watching your pilots become aces is fine, I just miss the feeling that this is the 2nd world war and not some arcade game... Unfortunately I am a bit busy at the moment ( I am moveing to a new appartement ) but if I have some time I might think of rules for a "pilot career" playing mode. all the best Skolman PS: I visited your Web-page and watched the convention pictures. I think I should become a game-desinger myself ! All that babes.... :eek: hot ! ...and you should keep that beard Dan !
  15. http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/boulton_paul_defiant.htm http://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/boulton-paul-defiant-1.htm sorry for the double post !
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