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  1. ...when you see a blue line in front of you, walking down the street.
  2. By the way it looks horrible, when the ATMs are being carried. And can the pistols please be modelled when the tank crew bails out?
  3. Can one spot roadbombs and are they displayed as a grey matter? Isn´t it too easy to avoid them. I am not playing too long but once I used area fire on a building with Syrians insed with 2 Stryker MGs for 2 minutes but after storming the building I saw no one hit. So is one pretty safe in buildings?
  4. Who knows, why Russia always have this extra Milimeters in their caliber? I mean like 155mm, 122mm, 76mm. Do they want to say Size matters? :confused:
  5. Why can´t the Lee tank aim on 2 targets at the same time? I thought one new feature of CMAK was to make this possible. It just looks poor if there are multiple targets but he just aims on one.
  6. Do you know if there is a list with all wepon´s firepower listed + maybe the different ratings of different 75mm guns etc.?
  7. I am missing the factories, too. In designing maps they were very useful!
  8. Why are some English guns unable to fire HE shells? I guess it is not a bug, but why didn´t they develop some HEs for them?
  9. Isn´t it strange that anti tank mines can be thrown by soldiers? I guess they had to be placed right on the tank in close contact.
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