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  1. So...with CMAK and CMBB out there, does anyone else still play CMBO? I know I do, I will never sell that original gem of a game, nor will I stop playing it. I think CMAK is going to get as much play as CMBO though, with CMBB getting the occasional play w/ my favorite scenarios.

    Second question, I've suddenly gotten the urge to read up on North Africa, it being the front I know least about--any good books regarding campaigns and the like?



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  2. Hey all, I need some playtesting done for a new scenario. The force makeup is as follows:

    Hungarian Mechanized

    Soviet Infantry

    January 1945 Hungary --Operation Konrad

    Here is the General Briefing...please email or post and I require feedback on balance on the map and the briefing. Thanks!


    Title: The Last Blitzkrieg

    Type: Axis Probe (Semi-Historical)

    Year: January 8, 1945

    Location: South Eastern Hungary, North of Lake Balaton

    Weather/TOD: Light Snow/Blizzard/Mid-Day


    By Niles "Fieldmarshall" Hirschi

    Special Thanks To All The Playtestors:


    Scenario Background:

    Operation Konrad has already begun to bog on it's 5th day. The

    German's are meeting stiff Russian resistence in the hills and valleys

    that they must fight through to reach the Danube. The III. Pz Corps

    is meeting stiff resistence in the south and the delay is giving the

    Russians time to re-group and counter attack. It is believed that the

    first counter attack will come from fresh Russian troops funneled from

    Osi, on the southern flank of the pincer. In order to secure the southern

    flank, all conduits from Osi and other towns must be severed in order

    to prevent a Russian counter attack that would repulse our offensive in

    the sector. Hungarian reserves (Elements from the I. Kav Corps) were

    assigned to help 'stopgap' and secure the southern flank of the already

    stalling southern pincer of "Operation Konrad (I)"


    Historical Background:

    Budapest was a trump card that would help the Germans carry out

    their new, and very ambitious plans in the Balkans. The Germans planned

    an offensive that would force the Russians to fight for the western bank

    of the Danube and recapture Budapest. The IV. SS Panzer Corps was

    transferred from the Polish front to Hungary for that very purpose.

    The IV. SS Panzer Corps consisted of two crack SS Panzer divisions:

    The 5. SS 'Wiking' and the 3. SS 'Totenkopf' Panzer divisions. The day

    after IV. SS Panzer Corps. was transferred to Hungary, Kampfgruppe Dorr

    (SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment 9 'Germania' commanded by

    Obersturmbannfuehrer Hans Dorr) were also transferred to Hungary to

    help bolster German lines and increase morale among the ambivelent

    soldiers. They were transferred to Hungary to spearhead Hitler's newest

    offensive on the eastern front: Operation Konrad. The offensive was

    to be launched on the same day as Operation Nordwind in Alsace-Lorraine.

    The "Konrad I" was a two pincer offensive. The III. Panzer

    Corps. spearheaded the southern Pincer while the IV. Pz Corps spearheaded

    the Northern pincer. The Northern pincer made great progress initially

    while the southern almost immediately bogged down. Though the Russians

    were scrapping the barrel for supplies, they attrited the Germans enough

    to slow down their advance through the hilly Gerecse and Pilis heights.

    The Red Army mined and fortified what few good roads existed and fought

    fiercely for every inch of ground. Fifteen days after the offensive was

    launched, it bogged down and was halted. The Germans attempted a

    "Konrad II" which would be an additional pincer that would break through

    the lines and allow the offensive to continue. "Konrad II" failed and the

    Germans never reached the banks of the Danube again. After the failure

    of the two 'Konrad' operations Germany again prepared an offensive

    against the Russians. Hitler would again attempt an offensive in Hungary,

    but this time to recapture precious fuel reserves. The operation

    'Fruhlingserwachen' (Spring Awakening) was even less successful than

    its prelude 'Operation Konrad'.

    (sorry about the choppiness but thats what happens when you paste things.)

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  3. Hey guys,

    Well, call it nostalgia, but I've been going back to a lot of my old, favorite CM sites to download some of my favorite old mods for CM:BO to bring the game back up to par on my new computer. After hours of work I gave up and downloaded CMMOS (yes I'm behind the times) anyway, within CMMOS I found everything I was looking for. BUT, what has happened to all of our favorite sites? The sites may still be there, like Last Defense but many of the links are dead. CM outpost doesn't have any mods these days and CMHQ doesn't have much on individual mods, most of the links are dead. It seems like you HAVE to convert to CMMOS. I really miss the old days when the CM community was at its peak.

    There were a dozen awesome sites with daily traffic and everyday I'd go to Combat Missions and send in a new scenario. Now, I'm sure youre asking what does this have to do with CMBB?

    Well, I remember back in the day, I used to make a bunch of Scenarios for CM:BO and after about a year I got pretty darn good at it. I think it was the vast and thriving community that downloaded those scenarios that encouraged me to make them. Now with CM:BB and only one original big scenario website still standing...I have only made one submitted scenario for CM:BB vs. my dozen CM:BO ones. Granted I have one other CM:BB one ready for submission to the depot, I just haven't gotten around to it.

    Anyway, in conclusion, how many here think that the lack of interactive and popular sites (i.e. Combat Missions) has affected the quality and quantity of 3rd party scenarios? Granted, I will probably be making a ton of scenarios involving the Hungarians soon considering they are my favorite ´╗┐belligerent on the eastern front ( I just bought The Royal Hungarian Army 1920-1945) and it has so much information on Hungarian operations that I have a limitless source for future scenarios. But besides that, I still don't feel the same when I make a new scenario anymore. The fun doesn't seem to be there? Does anybody agree with me?

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  4. Hey guys, I'm looking for Magua's old Normandy Subdued Trees. I really can't find a place anywhere to download them. Everyone seems to have gone belly up. Could someone please help. I'm also looking for Magua's OLD building mods. Not the ones with the normandy pack, but the first ones he did. If someone could give me a link so I could download them...it would be much appreciated.

  5. OH bugger, now every Joe six pack and johnny lunch pale will be flooding our precious board with hootenanny about how bloody bad the graphics are and how great RTSs are and which cheerleaders on the football team are "hot". Humbug to the masses.

    But seriously...I do have issues with retail. Mass marketing means more demand for better graphics and less realism. I am afraid the games of the future will be aimed more at the proles than at the hard core wargamer...which is something I seriously do not want.

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  6. Hi gang, I have just completed a scenario that I spent over three weeks tinkering with. It'd be great if I could get some outsiders who will be kind enough to give me detailed, ahem DETAILED suggestions, thoughts and like on this scenario.

    Fictional, April 1945...German token force vs. Russian Armored column, takes place in a dense and shelled section of a larger town. So far its been lots of fun. Third party suggestions are always helpful before I send this off to the depot. So email me or post if you wanna try her out and then send me your thoughts. Thank you much.



  7. The Russians took Budapest in January of '45, in February the Germans launched operation Konrad which had many Hungarian reserves.

    Hungarians fought more for Hungary than Germany in the last days of the war, and I don't think all of Hungary was every conquered by the Russians, just Budapest. Because Operation Spring Awakening (Lake Balaton Offensive) in March of 1945 included many Hungarian units and was meant to re-capture Budapest. Like Konrad it failed..but none the less..I don't think ALL of Hungary was ever captured by the commies.

  8. Well, I fired up a QB and when I saw the setup there was a ton of water on the map edge, and three of the tanks were just setup on the water..sitting there..are they holy tanks?

    Also, when tanks or other AFVs approach troops they just keep on going through the troops..in CMBO the troops would go around the tanks..now we just see the tanks plowing through the troops. On occasion the AFV will stop and waite for the troops..but more often than not the AFV just keeps on going. will the above be fixed at all?

  9. Hello all,

    I have just finished my first CM: B to B scenario. I have made many scenarios for CM:BO for your enjoyment..and now here is my FIRST CM:BB scenario. Need testors, e-mail me and I will get the scenario out to you.


    "Last Act in the East"

    March 8, 1945

    West of Lake Balaton in Hungary





    Brief Description.

    Elements of the 3rd Hungarian Infantry Division are backing up the left flank of the German offensive Operation Spring Awakening. The first two days from March 6-7 have been disasterous. Soviet forces, shocked intitially were thrown back, but have recovered. Hungarian reserves are now making last ditch attempts to keep supplies moving forward..but soft ground and heavy Soviet resistance is slowing progress.


    Hungarian Units Vs. Soviets.

    Needs testors.

    The above is unproofread and is not from the briefings.

  10. It is a terrible PBEm/IP scenario. I have smashed my opponent every time hands down as the allies. Its no trouble if you aren't little miss tiptoe cautious foot.

    Everytime I place CE as the Allies against a human, I waste no time in getting my Shermans to the church, and infantry close behind. The speed of the Shermans is a great advantage, and the five of them just hit the ridges, and blast all three StuGs. Occasionally I may lose a Sherman. But usually the lack of turret and speed stops the Gerry in their tracks if you just Blitz em as the Allies.

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