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  1. Thank you for the response. Maybe your last point is what I need to try instead of WEGO. maybe that is best of both worlds. Thanks!
  2. I guess what I was looking for was different then the responses I have been receiving. Most of the responses have been about pauses/delays. My question is more about knowing how much time all the commands I have issued will take to get processed so that I know if I have fully utilizied the next minute. So if I did something like a quick move and then a move to a spot on the battlefield, just hoping there was something that would show it would take an estimated "33 seconds" to reach that objective so that I knew I still had time to issue other commands. I realize this could never be 100% accurate since things happening on the battlefield would affect it, but at least it would be an estimate.
  3. Good to hear about the stats in the new game...still hoping there is a way to somehow estimate the length of time your commands take per my #1 question.
  4. I just started playing CMSF again, after I purchased the British and Marine modules. I have a couple of questions. 1) When playing "wego" method, is there anyway to see how long all your commands will take to process? Why I'm looking for this is because I find it hard to judge whether all my commands have taken up the full minute of time. A number of times my movements end with time remaining, wasting their ability to do more. What I would love to see is some kind of "estimate time" for each command I put in. 2) Is it possible to see individual unit statistics? For example, look at "unit a" and see all the kills it personally had during the game. Thanks!
  5. Ok, based on the feedback I went ahead and just purchased. Thanks again for everyone's thoughts.
  6. Just out of curiosity, does anybody know the number of scenarios (non-campaign related) that come with each module? I'm pretty sure I'm going to take the plunge based on everyone's feedback. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the feedback, good to hear there are at least some smaller battles.
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies. To answer the question as to whether I like the base game, yes I do. However, one thing I prefer is much smaller battles. I like it better when I only have a handful of troops to control versus a ton to micromanage. How do the new battles with the modules stack up in this area? Are there a lot of smaller engagements? Thanks again!
  9. Considering purchasing these additional modules, just curious on people's opinions if worth it? What are the good and bad of them? Do they add enough to the game to warrant the purchase? Thanks!
  10. Thanks..I have sent them a message. But just curious, does anybody know the difference between the kalypso version and the others released (besides the patch took longer)?
  11. I'm thinking of purchasing TOW from eBay but I have seen that kalypso version is always talked about separately and seems to have its patches lag. How would I know if I'm purchasing the kalypso version version versus other versions and what are all the differences? Thanks!
  12. I see the new Marine module getting great praise. I really haven't played the original game in a very long time so I have a question. Are you all liking the game because of all the fixes/enhancements that were corrected (which will be available in a patch for the original game) or the new material exclusively available with the module? So basically since another patch will be released for the original game shortly, what makes the new module worth purchasing? Thanks for your help.
  13. Further good points....thanks again for the input. I may just see what the new panzer command has to offer before I go for TOW (at least until the future add on comes out).
  14. Forgot to add another quick question on the battle generator....when you go to select units and unit setup, is there a random option? I guess I would hate to setup a single player game, but know exactly where my enemy is located and what types of units they have.
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