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  1. How do you see the photos? I can only see a graphic that says "Photki" and there is no way to click it or open it. What do I do? I want to go to the beach! Bernhard
  2. Very nice work Tom! Will you consider making a narrower road? I always thought the roads in cm are too wide, most countryside dirt roads are normally only as wide as one vehicle Bernhard
  3. To the makers of CMMOS: First I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for a great program. I think it works really well to do what it was supposed to do, manage complex mods with many options. I would like to suggest the implementation of some kind of .zip support in the next version (if you ever make one). That way you could easily install complete packs of mods that the user easily can modify by adding and deleting .bmps to the archives. It would also save disk space. Example: I have a set of terrain tiles that I think is the best combination to represent an overcast autumn day. These include tree bases, water, hedges, walls, grass, brush etc. Now to play such a scenario I just need to unzip the contents into the Bmp folder. It would be great if CMMOS could implement .zip support to combine different archives and to get a good overview over the contents in some way or another. The way it is now I would need to unzip all these files into the Bmp folder and give them a suffix. This would mean that I would have all the .bmps of the entire game installed about 8 times over in that folder. I would rapidly run out of disk space and the folder itself becomes almost unmanageble. I dont know if this is a good Idea, but I thought I'd share my thoughts. I don't mean to put down CMMOS because i really think it works great for what it was meant to do. I'm just saying that incorporating .zip support would save a lot of people some disk space and also make their mods more manageble in terms of copying and moving files. Thanks for a great program. Bernhard
  4. Hello folks. I just downloaded the CMMOS v3.0 and it seems like a great tool. It takes quite a bit of work to make the rulesets though, and I don't want to download all my mods all over again. I was therefore wondering if any of you have made any rulesets that could be published without the .bmps. That way I would only need to rename my mods (add the suffixes required) with a bulk renaming prog (wincommander is great for this) and I would be ready to use my already existing mods. I would suggest that people with ready made rulesest submit them to a page on CMHQ with a description of what they do and for which mod they are. Thanks Bernhard
  5. Thank you very much.Yes my modem did drop a few packages. It has taken me 2 weeks, yes that's right, two weeks! downloading with GetRight on automatic settings in an internet café. A lot of people have been wondering why it has been so slow The reacon is that it costs 10 cents a minute to be online down here and thats on a 33.kbs line. Nobody knows that I installed GetRight. No i dont even have to bee here to download my goodies So thanks a bunch Clufoot.... Bernhard
  6. The e-mail address I posted in the body of the message (bebenum@c2i.net) should be able to handle up to 5 mb. Thank you for your conscern Bernhard
  7. Hello folks. I'm currently living in Nicaragua and I just downloaded the DFDR mod. Now it turns out that the Zip file 30+Mb has errrors in it. The phone line down here is so slow that it almost takes me 24 h. to download a file that size so I was wondering if somebody could help me out and mail the following BMPs to bebenum@c2i.net Thanks Missing BMP list: 317 318 319 320 321 3210 3211 3212 3213 3214 3215 3216 3217 3218 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 3300 3301 3302 3303 3304 3305 3306 3308 331 DFDR-sidi1 DFDR-sidi2 Thanks a million Bernhard
  8. Hello Folks. I´m going to buy a new pc when I return to Norway in january (I´m living in Nicaragua at the moment). I´ve been told that buying components is way cheaper in the states so I´m looking at buying the basic components through the web and have some friends bring it down here for me. I've been away from the computer scene for a while so I would like to hear some recomendations, both components and webshops. I´ll get: CPU, memory, motherboard, networking card, fan, and a harddrive and a CD burner TIA Bernhard
  9. Thanks for your suggestions people. I checked the shortcut and I am definately running the ver. 1.2 exe off the HD. The link points to the correct .exe and the game starts fine. Any other suggestions?
  10. Hello again! Thanks for your replys. I have only about 5 downloaded scenarios on this PC and I have reinstalled CM (Complete installation) about 3 times, allways with the same result. I don´t know if it matters but this is on a computer in an internet cafe running wingate internet sharing. I don't think I made myself clear enough. It is not just that the scanning is so slow. The disk actually stops, there is no disk activity at all. The system will hang in this state til I click the message window saying "scanning disk etc." I then get the missions screen but it is incredably slow and the system is definately hanging as if it is short of memory. Once it loads the 3D it is fine however. This PC has 128 Mb of RAM. Bernhard
  11. Hello folks! Has anywone had and solved a problem like this? I've installed CM and it starts up fine. When I press the Play Game button it says "scanning disks for scenarios" The computer then slows down after a brief period of disk activity. The message doesn't go away untill I click it. I then get the scenarios screeen but without any of the missions I have downloaded. The selection of scenarios is incredably slow, I click on one and it takes ten seconds before it is marked as selected. Once I start playing the game it runs fine. No, there are no errors on the HD. TIA Bernhard
  12. bumping again, in case somebody wants to know!
  13. Hi all! I've been reading a lot of requests for terrain mods to include batch file support in order to facilitate switching between mods. I thought I'd post this short string to show how I've made some seasons/buildings specific batch files. This may seem more difficult than it really is! You need to download and install PKUNZIP command line for this to work. go to: http://www.pkware.com/shareware/pkzipc40.html 1. Copy the bitmaps you want to a .zip file with an appropriate name. (use all or just some of the buildings by the artist you're making the file for. ie. maguas two story buildings and PZ truppens one story buildings) make sure you have all the bitmaps though, ie. all the houses. 2. make a corresponding .zip file for the optional building (maguas buildings or some kind of mix) 3. Open a text program and copy/paste the following: PKZIPC -ext -over=all c:\xxxx\xxxx\xxxxx\xxxxx.zip c:\xxxxx\xxxxx\bmp 4. Change the xxxxx parts so that they correspond to the name of your directories and .zip file. delete the unessasary ones 5. Rename the ".txt" file you've saved in CMBO root folder to ".bat" 6. make a shortcut to the ".bat" file the same way you did for Marco's sherman mods. 7. Place the shortcut somewhere in the CMBO start-menu folder. 8. repeat for additional building mods. Enjoy. PS. I've done this for several terrain mods that I've put togheter according to seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter, with a clear and an overcast section for each. If I play a winter scenario with overcast sky I just click the winter/overcast shortcut and I'm off. PPS. Using this system allows you to alter the contents of the .zip file at will, leaving you with plenty of room to experiment. Takes som HDD space though, unless you delete the originals, but still saves you space in the CMBOBMP folder. Regards Bernhard ------------------ Visit http://home.c2i.net/bebenum for som tips on(flight)sim immersion hardware [This message has been edited by bebbetufs (edited 03-20-2001).]
  14. Keep up the good work Magua! Please make the terrain a bit brighter than DD's terrain. Sometimes I want the sun to shine! [This message has been edited by bebbetufs (edited 03-20-2001).]
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