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  1. Argh, that is a bummer then! One of the beautiful things about original CM was it ran entirely happily on my old G3 Powerbook -- which was not exactly a graphics cranking powerhouse! Why oh why can DropTeam not be just as happy on my shiny new Mac mini? (That's a rhetorical question, I suppose, given the state of things .... :/ ) Is this because DropTeam intends to be real-time, rather than turn-based like original CM, thereby requiring heftier graphics action? (If so, I liked turn-based CM better than any of the real time games I've seen anyway! ) Man, I loved original CM. I hadn't bought a game for years until that one, and bought it on the strength of the demo as soon as it came out. I'm sad to be missing out on Battlefront's games, but I can't justify buying a whole new machine, Mac or PC, just for a game I guess I'll keep living in hope that something more Mac friendly from Battlefront will come along eventually ....
  2. I seem to have a similar problem, also trying to run the DropTeam demo on a new Intel Mac Mini. Is it a graphics card issue? Is there no remedy for this (short of buying a fancier machine with a fancier graphics card)? If so .... Man, that would be/is a bummer! I've been dying since upgrading to OS X killed my ability to play CM1 or its successors, and was hoping DropTeam would fill in some of that hole. :/
  3. Just read this article about MacDX, a product that bring DirectX support to Mac OS X: http://www.macworld.co.uk/news/top_news_item.cfm?NewsID=4522 Would this revive the possibility of bringing Combat Mission 1, 2, etc. to OS X? <crossed fingers> Cheers, Carl
  4. So if one disables the Classic RAVE extension in 9.2.1, will CM run on it then? I installed a new hard drive at the same time that I installed 9.2.1/X.1, and I've yet to reinstall CM as well -- but it'd be nice to know I'd have a way to make it work under my current install of 9.x, at least! Obviously, I've kept back-ups of my old 9.1 system from my old hard drive, so I could always replace whatever extensions I've currently got in 9.2.1 with those. I doubt I really need the 3D drivers for much besides CM! Cheers, Carl
  5. Also for the record, it appears CM still crashes immediately after the start-up movie unless I supress the movie -- but I can live with that. Cheers, Carl
  6. Some while ago I posted about a problem with CM freezing on startup after I updated my OS software (to 9.1) that was very similar to the problems I had when first getting CM to run on my PowerBook G3 (bronze keyboard). Well, thanks to a few tips, I sorted it out. For the record (if anyone else is fighting with something similar) the key seems to have been turning off the ATI update extension (and possibly a couple of other ATI extensions that were irrelevant to my machine), and possibly also turning off the Norton Disklight extension (which is a somewhat irritating device anyway). So now CM runs just fine -- indeed, it runs better than ever, since the OS update seems to allow my to run CM at 1024x768 instead of 800x600! *Much* prettier Also for the record, I don't have VM disabled, nor have I had to muck about with the cache profile. Cheers, Carl
  7. I recently upgraded my OS to 9.1 from 8.6. I remember having various problems when first trying to get CM to run on 8.6, most of which had to do with the ATI extensions, and these seem to have returned to haunt me now that the upgrade has rearranged my existing extensions and installed new ones. I'm running a bronze keyboard G3 Powerbook with 9.1 now, and CM (I've installed the 1.12 update) crashes after the initial movie plays, just before the screen with "Play Scenario", etc. I didn't have trouble with the cache before or the virtual memory, just which ATI extensions to have on or off, and I strongly suspect this is the problem now, since I can't for the life of me remember what my configuration was. Can anyone suggest which I should have turned on or off? I seem to have the following relevant extensions lurking on the hard drive: ATI 3D Accelerator, ATI Driver Update, ATI Graphics Accelerator, ATI MPP Manager, ATI Radeon 3D Accelerator, ATI Rage 128 3D Accelerator, ATI Resource Manager. Are there other extensions which could be causing a conflict (I have the annoying Norton Disklight turned off)? Looking forward to sorting this out and blowing some stuff up in CM once again Cheers, Carl
  8. Thanks for the replies -- looks like I'll be stuck with 640x480 until either there's a driver upgrade for my PB's graphics hardware or I get less poor and, consequently, a sexier Mac! I still plan to buy the full CM, though. It's a great game even at lower res Cheers, Carl
  9. I've been messing around a lot with the demo, and am keen to order the full version pretty soon (I'm about to move to Europe, and will probably wait and mailorder from there -- one less thing to pack!). I use a Mac G3 Powerbook, and have only been able to get the demo to run in 640x480 mode, though I have tried some of the tricks suggested in this forum, etc. Does the Mac demo run at a higher resolution at all (up to 1024x768, my machine's max), or does only the full version run higher. Or is the low res I'm seeing when playing the demo simply a result of my machine's limitations? I have plenty of fun playing the demo at 640x480, I'm just trying to figure out whether I have prettier pictures to look forward to in the full version, or not. Cheers, Carl
  10. Whoops! Wrong thread. Sorry about that. But having seen a couple of OTHER threads on Mac installation/startup problems the suggestion stands ... Chagrined at his own ineptitude, Carl
  11. Perhaps links to the appropriate download sites could be put in a Mac section on the battlefront.com site, along with a Mac installation troubleshooting FAQ? Or, I saw someone was doing a third-party Mac-oriented CM site -- perhaps this sort of thing would be good material for that? Cheers, Carl
  12. Too hot to fight in the Outback? Well, maybe someone once said the same thing about North Africa Actually, I think it would be interesting to see a little "alternative history" in CM (or CM2 or whatever). Make scenario maps patterned on small towns in southern England and play Operation Sealion. Pretend you're Patton, and send your US troops into the Russians -- or better yet, Montgomery Cheers, Carl
  13. OK, I got the demo working. Virtual memory and backside cache are ON, but I've turned OFF the Extensions labelled "ATI 3D Accelerator", "ATI Graphics Accelerator", and "ATI Resource Manager". Instead, I downloaded and installed the Extension labelled "ATI Driver Update" (from Apple, version 1.4.7). And everything seems to be happy. Cool game, judging by the demo I expect I'll buy it in a month or so, once I've moved, started my new job, and earned some money. But buy it I shall. It's lots of fun, despite my not being very good at it (which is the best sign in a game, I reckon. Plenty of play in it!).
  14. Well, if CM doesn't work with Apple's ATI Video SW Update 1.0, then that wasn't my original problem, since I'm only just now downloading it. However there was no ATI Drive Update of any version in my Extensions, and I'm downloading 1.4.7 now to see if that helps. Also, I've increased the RAM preferred by the demo to 51 Mb, as suggested, and will run with minimal extensions (though I've not got a lot of add-ons to start with). Fingers crossed ...
  15. Being at work just now (on a cruddy old PC which *will* run the demo, but with mind-boggling sloth) I'll look into the ATI driver situation when I'm back home with my PowerBook. And I'll boot with minimal extensions. However, given Dschilli's experience, I hold out little hope. I'm not sure which versions of the drivers I have, but from searching Apple's site it seems I can only download 1.4.7 of the ATI Driver Update (if I have something different). However, their ATI Video Software Update (for the built-in Rage 128 GL) is dated to only 3 months before I purchased my PB, so it may well be that I don't have that, and that it will help. We shall see ... Shame if it doesn't work. It looks like a cool game.
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