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questions about sc games

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hello hubert, bill and all forum members!

in gold version:

- are 22 units/unit slots available?

- also a maximum of 65 countries?

- all areas activated or not (afghanistan, bolivia, cuba, saudi arabia etc.)?

- the majors could become changed (e.g. spain for france)?

- new/more events?

- it's possible to add soft/hard attack on ground forces to submarines (rocket subs like u-511 and uss barb)?


- where are the engineers unit?

scww2 & scww1:

- what is the hex size in km in both games?


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Hi Mathias

You certainly could change the Majors, e.g. having Spain instead of France or Italy. Things like that will be editable, though of course the French or Italian unit graphics and flags would also need changing.

In SC WWI, the engineer units are there but to use them you would need to set their Build Limits in the editor to a positive figure. The reason they aren't available in the main campaigns is that in the WWI engine they build Fortresses like Verdun, and I considered that it wasn't necessarily right for those campaigns to be able to build new Fortresses like that during the war. But if you increase their Build Limit and set a reasonable time period for them to build the Fortress in, then they can be used.

In SC WWI it is approximately 20 miles or 32km to a tile.

I'm not 100% sure of the Gold version's ground scale, but it will be the same as in Global Conflict.


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At the moment it is will be 22 unit slots and still a maximum of 65 countries. There will also be some new events and for the reworked campaigns the inactive areas are still the same but this is not necessarily the case for any of the new campaigns as there are some differences there but nothing completely finalized just yet as we are still putting in the final touches.

If I understood your question on the rocket subs, I would say the answer at the moment is unfortunately no.


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