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non-UI wishlist

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Since everyone seems to have his wishlist I want mine, too! :)

I'll leave out all UI issues. UI is a wide field of its own.

- Fog of War for Terrain Features

This would solve the issues with foxholes and trenches and infantry digging in. I think this would be a huge gain for game play and for 'reality feeling'.

Discovering the map would be totally different. Scenario desgners could send you in the totally unknown.

One thing please: make it it 'see once, remember always'. This is already strange when a blown up tank gets out of LOS but the smoke is still there.

- Fog of War for Sounds (sort of)

I really, really enjoy how CM models sound - especially speed of sound. That is one thind I admire everytime I see a shell flying and having the sound coming after it.

But: because the sound system is so exact it works like a sonar for objects you can't even see. Out of LOS mortars can be located to the spot.

I know I should leave the 'how' to BFC but still: how about capping the loudness of a sound to the loudest level a friendly unit can hear it (for enemys out of LOS)? Visible events should keep the original loudness because otherwise that would IMHO be strange.

- More Memory for the Pixeltruppen

I guess that currently the troops don't have a memeory of the past at all apart from their morale status. For firing purposes this is compensated by shooting a bit longer at a target that has gone out of LOS.

But for a better behaviour they would need to be able to really remember where an enemy has vanished and keep an eye on the spot. Especially important for turreted units.

Or remember where that other vehicel had driven on a mine: don't use this way.

- Setup

A minor point: could the troops be please stand in rank and file and sorted after command structure and not jumbled all over the setup zone? Depending on size it takes me quite a while just to sort them out and get everyone in C2 before even thinking about the real setup.

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