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Tank stuck in a building

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I inadvertently gave a move order right though a building. To my sock the tank obeyed and drove into it and part way out the other side. It did not complete my order but stopped most of the way out of the building. I have tried reversing out and moving forward more but so far it appears stuck.

Admittedly the building is an auto repair shop so there is a big door that the tank drove into:



Now stuck part way through the other side:


I have the saved PBEM turn if this is a bug that a tester wants to report. Just say the word and let me know where to send it.

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GaJ has it. You can well expect that currently in the game, crashing a vehicle into a building will immobilize it. Perhaps in the future exceptions might be made for some especially tough vehicles, but it really is not the healthiest thing to do.

Oh so it is working correctly. Thing is I did not *mean* to drive it into the building and I figured the way point mapper would have drove around the building - like it does with other obstacles. I can see, becoming immobile being the correct result for a tank driving through a building.

However I am not so sure that is what happened here. I say that because the building is OK and the team inside is OK too. Neither would be true if it were modeling a tank crashing through a building. Plus, I do not remember the tank being immobilized. It just does not respond to moment orders any more. I will have to check the tank's status just to be sure.

In case you were just being funny I was thinking that since the building in question is an auto garage they might be modeling "waiting for parts".

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The width of that basement (ditch) appears to me to be greater than 90", so that old girl was never going to make it. :D

The golden rule when training M4 drivers was to NEVER enter a building for camouflage or cover without first performing a "floor" ground recce and preferably, avoiding building altogether as they also had a tendency to limit turret (master weapon) traverse capability once in them.



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