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Quick Battle / Next 'modern' scenario

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It looks like Battle for Normandy is a big success and -although I will not buy it, since I am only interested in modern stuff - I'm happy about the success since this keeps the series going on :).

So, my questions would be:

- Quick Battle Maps: Is it planned that in future major engine version of CM the engine is capable of generating random maps (or composing predefined tiles?)

- Is there a very rough estimate (year) when we can expect a next post-wwii scenario. Would be 2013 realistic?

Sorry if those questions were already discussed but I tried to use the search function, yes ;).

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I don't have an answer to your first question. With regard to when the next modern CM game is coming out, I thnk your being far too optimstic. 2012 is almost on us and we havn't seen the first module for CMBN yet. My understanding is that there are going to be two more ww2 titles (+modules) before we see another modern CM and that the modern CM will have a new engine (CMx3). Based on that, I would say your talking about some time after 2015. Unnless that is, another developer turns out a game using the CM engine as Snowball did.

I would recommend trying the demo for CMBN if you havn't already. My prefference was for modern stuff too but I've been well and truly bitten by the ww2 bug now.

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With regards to your first question, I think the new Modern Era title will have a QB system like CMBN's. I doubt very much that it will feature a random map generator or tiles for that matter because each map needs AI plans to work with a computer opponent.

As for the second. Who knows? Maybe Steve will be a bit more forthcoming after the first CMBN module is released. But I don't think 2013 is too optimistic. It depends what the next title is going to be. There are three possibilities that we are aware of: It could be WW2 Bulge, WW2 East Front (p-l-e-a-s-e) or CMSF2.

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I'd also vote for CMSF 2 :)

Concerning the quick battle generator: Yes, I also see the connections between the AI plans and creating semi-random(with predefined tiles) maps. But in the long run, my personal opinion is that the AI plans should be deprecated by superior means - that is a dynamic strategic AI. Such a research might be a good candidate for a thesis.

I play WinSPMBT usually and although the AI is not flawless there, it's pretty decent and dynamic - considering that the original (unmodded) codebase is from 1996.

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