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Wouldn't it be luvverly..........

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"Another big change is the improved AI scripting. While the AI of the base game is potent, the scripting allows the scenario designer to add more variety and layers to the AI behavior. It allows the scenario design to prepare a counter attack at specific locations at specific times. It allows for reinforcements to be drop fed to the AI at key points allowing the scenario designer to better control the flow of the battle. Triggers in the map related to player or AI actions can cause other events to kick off like additional waves of troops. Basically anything the scenario editor can think of. Some scenarios have some very surprising twists to them with the new reinforcement function."

This from the upcoming DLC for Matrix/Slitherine Panzer Corps.

One can dream.

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Using triggers is a slippery slope. I was very turned off at the triggers that Theater of War uses, i.e. X units die and then reinforcements arrive.

I am for triggers that allow the AI to shift it's forces if it can see that it's being flanked. So I agree, no Borg trigggers.

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i say yes to triggers of any kind!

so the scenario designer could decide which triggers he/she will use.

be it

if more than two tanks are spottet in area x by unit y then "ai group 1" will move to area z


if casualities of "A2" are > then 50% then "R2" will spawn.


the game's tac ai uses triggers all the time

why not make them accessible via the editor!?

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