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Coming this Sunday

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The release of the Sie Kommen II Campaign will happen this Sunday, followed by the Battle Packs and a German Campaign.

As the player you command units of the 29th Infantry Division from their landings on July 4, 1944 til their fight for St Omer on August 4, 1944...

18 Total Scenarios as part of one Campaign with different results leading you down different paths to victory or defeat. Two main 'Core' units for the US, the 2nd Battalion of the 175th Infantry Regiment and the 29th Division Recon Troop will provide you with units to fight for different objectives.

THE BATTLE PACKS (release date November 15th)

Designed for Head to Head play there will be four battle packs allowing play of 5, 9, 12, or all 18 scenarios in a H2H campaign style format. A Commanders handbook (for both the Allied and Axis Commander) will be provided for the sequence and scoring of these battle packs along with some addtional rules for tournament and clan based play.

THE GERMAN CAMPAIGN (release date November 21st)

There will be a 9 Scenario German Campaign featuring 'Core' units from the 352nd Infantry Division. The 352nd Fusilier Battalion and 2.116. Infantry Battalion will provide the main focus in the campaign, fighting in the same battles as in the main campaign, see if you can hold the Allied units from advancing inland.

For more information, video, screenshots, etc.. on this epic project see The Sie Kommen II Website


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