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Best infantry centric campaigns?

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Glad you liked the Ghost. :)

I have good memories of when I actually had the time to make campaigns.

How did you do in that campaign by the way? I never updated it and was wondering if it wasn't totally unplayable after the patches.

I have also done a Crossroads trilogy mini campaign which is infantry heavy. Pretty old but probably still playable.

I know there is a lot of good stuff out there. Paper Tiger, Normal Dude and others have done some pretty incredible campaigns and scenarios, some of which are infantry heavy.


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For more or less pure Infantry, I think Normal Dude's Task Force Panther woud fit the bill. Field Marshall Blucher has also done a number of small to medium sized Infantry-only campaigns.

From my own work, 'USMC Gung Ho!' is basically an Infantry campaign with some vehicles in support in each mission. And the NATO Canadian campaign was originally designed as a pure Infantry campaign but had to be reworked to use the BattleGroup that BFC decided on. There are a few missions that are pure Infantry in that campaign.

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Not to toot my own horn (of course I think my campaigns are the best! :D) but in addition to FtDtSS, I also made Cobra's Strike (4 missions, core force is Airborne Infantry platoon) and Operation Hangman (10 missions, all infantry, but fairly large and broad core forces). I am also a big fan of all-infantry missions. ;)

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