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Sorry, I can't quite understand your post. Are you saying that you have installed the NATO module, but you cannot play any of the NATO content (though the scenarios and campaigns get listed) ?

Do you have any other modules installed ? Was your base CMSF game a Battlefront version or a Paradox Interactive distribution (which would require the disc be in the optical drive to play) ? If your base game was the retail/Paradox Interactive version, then you would need the "1.21 Paradox Retail Patch" from Battlefront in order to have CMSF at a proper version for the NATO module to be installed (NATO requires that CMSF be at version 1.21 in order to install it).

If the NATO module installs, you should get prompted to activate the license key for the module or you CANNOT play CMSF (even the base game alone). If you don't get prompted for a license key, then it would appear that the NATO module may not have installed properly (possibly getting installed to a sub-directory or a completely wrong directory).

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What language do you have selected in the 'Options' menu, is it English or something else ?

So you see the icons in the lower left corner of the main menu for the base game and all of the modules, but you do not see the scenarios or campaigns listed ? Do you see only the base game scenarios and campaigns or do you see others ? Are any grayed out or can you click on any that are listed ?

You may want to try reinstalling everything again, but follow these CMSF/module installation instructions from the Knowledgebase.

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