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New file at the Repository: Schmidt and the Kall Valley (2011-10-21)

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This is a work in progress to see how much of the 28th Infantry Division's battle for Schmidt could be recreated. I have taken it about as far as I am willing to until we have a module/game covering the actual period with appropriate building types and terrain as well as hopefully having made progress on memory issues that would allow this to actually be used as an whole unit for a battle or campaign.The map itself is 2.5 x 3.2 km and as such is probably not capable of being used for a battle itself. Between elevation changes and the amount of forest it is quite demanding. If you can not open it in 3D view go to the editor and delete as much of the map as you need in order to run. Feel free to edit it down however you'd like for whatever you'd like to use it for. There are no units nor AI plan. Hope you enjoy even if it is just to get a 3 dimensional view of what the 28th ID was tragically committed to.


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Just tried to load this map and hit OOM at 50%. My machine is 2004 vintage though.

Yeah I am not too surprised, between elevations and trees it is a hog. You can try one of two things or both. Wipe the trees clean till it will load or shrink the map. I'd start with the trees just so you can at least see what you'll be deleting.

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Interestingly, I could load the map in 3D! surprise...surprise :eek:

For likely october-november battles you can delete crop fields with more plowed ones and dirt, as well as mix light forest with dirt at a 1:1 rate. Correct tree type for most of the forests would be Tree_E.

Otherwise nice effort! :cool:

What reference maps did you use?

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I started out with the idea of using the Gamers Objective Schmidt to do a larger campaign, but as i go to the point of filling in the details, buildings etc I became less and less happy with the result. In looking at the aerial views in the US Army series I found the look of the town to be significantly different than what the Gamers map would indicate. When we get the Market Garden module I may reevaluate based on the building types there. If that doesn't suffice I may wait until the Bulge game comes out to completely re do this.

US Army greenbook for the West Wall.


For those interested the complete green book series is available online -


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