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A little inspiration

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Here's a bit of my collection that fits in with the topic at hand...


This is my much loved Waffen Werks Bulgarian AK-74 5.45x39mm with plum furniture. bayonet is East German, hat is Soviet-Afghanistan war surplus as is the canteen. Camo jacket is modern Russian Flora pattern. 12 mags, 8 are Russian plum and 4 are Bulgarian black. The two mag pouches on the floor are Russian surplus and the one on top of the ammo crates is Bulgarian surplus. Plus....just a wee bit of ammo. :D :eek:


Without the bayonet attached...


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If you are going to get one I highly suggest getting a 74 over the 47. Just a whole different rifle with the smaller faster cartridge and the muzzle brake gives them almost zero recoil. It's a surprisingly accurate round, pretty much comparable to the 5.56mm under 150 yards, IMHO. People who say AKs are inaccurate pieces of junk have never handled or shot a 74.

Of all my collection it's absolutely my favorite rifle.

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Yeah, I've had recommendations both ways. A lot of people like the 5.45mm AKs, others say that the 7.62x39 gives such a different experience from 5.56 that it's worth trying out on its own. Personally, I'm leaning 5.45 myself, but at this point the actual prospects of getting an AK are probably still months if not years away, so it's mostly a thought experiment at this point. :D

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:cool: Hi Phantom Captain,

That is a nice collection of automatic rifles you have there. I would like to have these too. Do you think it is possible one could order them via the Internet and have them shipped over by special delivery (or something) to Europe?:D

But seriously, you have got some beautifull rifles in your collection. And you just may have inspired me to make another CMA mission in the near future. It probably will involve more units then one company though, which I know you prefer. But you could always give it a try.;)

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