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Finding info on screen about unit?

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I remember in cmbb that you could left click on a tank and then click another key on the keyboard and you could get info on the unit in the middle of the screen. How do you do that with this game?

Can someone also explain the deploy key for the MG34?



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Sadly that is no onge rin game..though there is a mod I believ but requires some fiddling around.

You need to deploy a MG (i.e set up the tripod) to get better accuracy I presume. whe you give the order to move then click order line then click deploy..that way the MG team moves then sets up the gun.

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Other tripod-mounted MGs (as well as mortars and AT pieces and Infantry Guns) need "Deploy"ing before they can be used. The German H/M/MGs have a slight advantage in that they can be used without having to deploy them; the status pane will say "Semi-Deployed". Comes of having a bipod, and you'll get LMG-level effectiveness out of them, since that's effectively the mode they're being used in at that point.

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