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Uploaded an Improved Power Plant Assault Mission

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I just uploaded to the BattleFront.com repository, an improved version of the Level 7 Power Plant assault mission from the T-72 BOF campaign. In this mission you operate a T-72B tank and are to be the base of fire for a maneuver element consisting of 2 T-55A's and an infantry squad. Under your direct command is an occupation force for the power plant grounds consisting of an infantry squad and an MTLB. Allied artillery will be hitting the power plant grounds with 5 minutes of continuous HE fragmentation fire once the mission starts. Defending the power plant is a well equiped mechanized force consisting of three tanks (a T-72 and 2 Leopard 1A4's), two APC's (an MTLB and a Shturm-S) and three infantry squads. Intel reports that the 2 APC's arrived each towing a heavy anti-tank gun. Thus the occupying force reportedly has deployed two counter mech' squads with long range heavy anti-tank crew served weapons covering the power plant grounds. They have also been in position long enough to bury mines in some of the approaches to the power plant. If you download and play this mission, my recommendation: Take up a hull down position along the road south of the power plant, and engage the enemy mechanized forces occupying the power plant grounds to allow the manuver element to approach and take position in the occupied area. Once the enemy tanks have been neutralized, approach the power plant, and give the command to move into the grounds to the APC and infantry squad under your direct command. Watch out for the two enemy counter mech' squads on your approach to the power plant. Enjoy!

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