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Glitches That Need Addressing, thanks!

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I'm not a whiner or ranter but am pretty frustrated over a couple "glitch" issues in a current PBEM scenario based game I'm playing right now and would like to report these so we can have something constructively done to hopefully fix this in a future patch. I have no way of posting the content of these game files here, but would be happy to email them to the men in charge or even a Tester here if that works. Also, I should add that these occurred in a game that's loaded with the latest 1.01 patch.

#1: During the initial setup phase, after exiting a squad that I had placed into a wooden bunker, the squad was broken into two groups, with the larger group being placed in "no man's" land well outside of my setup area and alongside the edge of the map. The only thing I could do was issue them a movement command for the subsequent first movement turn of the game, but otherwise, I had no way of moving them back, even after saving and restarting the game. And sure enough, as the movement phase started, they happened to be directly adjacent to a group of enemy forces, apparently in my opponent's setup zone.

#2: While moving two squads across a foot bridge, they bunched up, then "fell" into the river they were crossing, and instantly became fatigued and stuck.

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note your other team in that bunker is probably stuck there for the duration as well. BFC is looking at that one. As to why your squad got split, I expect the bunker wasn't capable of holding all of them and that once the turn started they defaulted to where they would have been during initial scenario creation prior to set up.

Unfortunate but it may have been remedied by simply splitting the squad initially and only placing a team in the bunker. One of those, if you know about it, fine, if you don't you are buggered.

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