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A bone fragment please.

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What I would like to know is if the modules will showcase artillery so much. I know it was important in Normandy. Was it the same elsewhere in the western front, all you well-read gentlemen?

Pretty much. The Allies (particularly the US) suffered a shortage of artillery ammo after the race across France, so that toned it down a bit for a while. But by the time of the Bulge it was a war winner again.


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Here are things we know. Perhaps something is news to you perhaps not. If it is news then you can thank me :).

The next module will have at least the British and Canadian armies from June to August 1944.

It will have the Waffen SS.

It will have German Airborne.

It will have King Tigers.

It will have the Jpz V

It will have UI improvements.

Anything else is just a maybe at this point.

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Please explain or point me to what exactly you are referring to. I was hitherto unaware of any UI improvements scheduled for the first CMBN module and am very interested to hear about them.

He's mistaken. The sweeping UI improvements would be in the next title, not a CMBN module.

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I wasn't thinking sweeping. I was refering to this post and assumed we'd see something in the next module or even a patch. If that's not the case, my bad.

As stated for a while now, the #1 priority is various improvements to the UI. This is a wide ranging concept which does, ironically, include the topic we're talking about here.


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