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How do I follow tutorial?

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OK, I bought this game, downloaded it (only because I couldn't get a printed manual with the boxed version), and I'd like to go through the tutorials. But I can't tell what I'm supposed to be doing in the tutorials while the game is running.

When I try to Alt-Tab to desktop, so I can read the pdf file, the Windows taskbar sort of blinks momentarily, but that's it. So what am I doing wrong? I've got Windows XP.

I suppose I could print out the 24 pages or so in the manual that's about the tutorial - indeed, I will do that, if necessary - but it seems unnecessarily awkward. Besides, I'm sure this won't be the only time I'll be wishing I could read the manual!

I must say that I'm surprised that the tutorial instructions aren't integrated with the tutorial itself. (I was also disappointed that I couldn't get a printed manual, but I guess that's how games are these days.)

So, am I doing something wrong, is this a known bug, or what? How do I read the manual while playing the game?

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I wish I could help you, all I know is that alt-tab works for me in Windows 7. Yes, having the manual for a complex game like this really helps. I would print it out if I were you. At my office I have a laser printer that does duplex printing and has a booklet mode which really saves on paper.

Battlefront is a small developer with a small budget and unfortunately can't develop tutorials into the game. Stick with it thought, the game is completely worth learning.

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I don't think you need to follow the tutorial exactly as it is printed. Just have a quick read through and then try out a few of the things in the tutorial missions.

Once you get the basics of movement you can try out some of the different commands to see how they work out for you.

CMBN is a game that gets better the more you play.

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