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please explain this UI feature

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What is it telling me when I see under the damage bar.

The tanks gun "wording" in a gray color, but the box to the right is Green, indicating everything is OK.

This happened, the tank iqnored the fire order for the next turn.

but as the turn progressed, the wording turned green again and everything appears to be back to normal.

What does the graying of the word mean.

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I believe it means the gun is unavailable to fire for some reason even though the gun itself is working. The gun is being reloaded, or the gunner is not ready, or the gun jammed (gain tank main guns jam? I haven't the faintest idea), or there is some temporary malfunction that gets sorted out, or.....

No idea what issues are actually simulated in the game. Basically the gun hasn't been permanently damaged by fire, but is for some reason out of action. Probably for a short time.

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Ya, Grey = "Temporarily not available". Re-loading is definitely one reason you'll see this -- loading a new belt into an MG, for example. I think you'll also see it if the gun is temporarily not manned (as in, the gunner is a casualty, or something). There may be other reasons why a weapon an a vehicle will go Grey for a short time as well.

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