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Just a quick note to say... I'm still loving CMBN


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One of the delightful things about Battlefront's Combat Mission games is they are designed with a sense of real enthusiasm, giving them depth and longevity. In the modern video game era these are rare qualities indeed.

Yes - there are a few little issues (they'll be ironed out I'm sure over then next year or so) - but it truly is a great game and a joy to play.

Well done BF.

Mostly playing PBEM at the moment so I must also pay tribute to all my opponents - gentlemen all.

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Just a quickie

Say I wanted to play someone by email how do i go about it? God forbid i do - I am probably the worst general in history....



You send me an email mark.ezra3591ATgmailDOTcom One bad general deserves another

Oh...CMBN like all CM products are built for wargamers...we are an odd, demanding lot who have a special itch that only BFC seems able to scratch.

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About an hour into Die Ammis Kommen in a PBEM and reading Clay Pigeons of St Lo. I have to say it is almost kind of scary how well CMBN replicates the feel of Normandy as expressed by "The Major". A well done scenario, an excellent book and a great game. Damn life is good.

Am excitedly waiting for the next Mod, but I expect I will be plenty busy with this one until then.

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I'm playing the 'Road to Monthardrou' scenario H2H for two months now. Just now it came to my mind to look Monthardrou up in google earth. Well, lets say if I ever would visit that piece of France I won't get lost! The roads, many of the buildings and hedges, the lay of the land - I know that all from CMBN! Really great!

Also regarding this scenario: I really can feel the frustration of the german soldiers after you shot down the umpteenth Sherman and theres STILL reinforcements coming in...! :)

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