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Help me out with Mods Please

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When downloading mods, where do they go? I see a Rez Explode, and Rezpack, and a Sample mod under a Mod Tool folder, but I'm assuming that all

.brz files go into the Data file,


.cam (campaign) downloads just get copied to the Game File/Campaigns, and


.btt new scenarios just go under the Game File/Scenario folder..

Do I have this right?


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All you need to know :)

.cam files are indeed campaign files.

.btt are scenario files.

Actial mods i.e. new skins can be both brz or bmp files - they go into a Z folder you create and stick in your game data folder. Best read the link above though for the full details of this process.

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All mods whether in brz, or folders, or bmp's, go into a Z folder under DATA. If you do not have a Z folder there, you simply create one and then copy those files/folders into it.

You do not have to do this, but, to make it easier to compare different graphics of the same mod I recommend that you first explode brz files first in order to access the bmp files and then place those bmp files into a folder that you create and name whatever you like. Then put that folder into the Z folder.

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