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Video - New CM:A Campaign


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How many scenarios are you planning to have?

Here is the flow of the Campaign, as you can see there is really ten scenarios though some are dup's since I needed to get the flow properly. But replayablility should be real high as there is a minimum of 3 AI plans per battle with most having 4 or 5 and different outcomes lead you down different paths. :)


And if you keep up with his website you will see they are all complete except for the overall campaign playtesting!!!

I'm hoping maybe that "earlier" comment translates into a release this weekend???

Sorry my friend, it looks like next Tuesday or Wednesday... need to go through campaign one/two/three more times... Also since most battles are company size or so, Real Time will be a possibilty, though I am too spaz to do that... And thank you all for your support... I hope all of your CMBN players will also enjoy the Sie Kommen II project which has been a huge undertaking, but should be ready for Nov 1st.

I would also like to thank the play testers on Major Nosov's Brigade. My long time friend NYCPizzaMan, FGM Member eniced73, and KaptinDuda... Thank you so much...

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