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Sherman Jumb

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I suppose I could play devils advocate and argue the Jumbo will not be in the Market Garden module if the Market Garden module is limited to only Market Garden forces. I would be greatly surprised if XXX Corps had any Jumbos. However I think the general belief is that the module will extend all forces to Sept '44 thus allowing scenarios in the Lorraine campaign as well. Also according to the CMBO database while the 75 Jumbo was available in September the 76 Jumbo doesn't appear until December thus we won't see it until the Bulge game.

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I honestly don't know if Jumbo will make it into 'Market Garden' per se or into the final vehicle pack. Pushing the title into September for the Market Garden module will move the game into Jumbo territory. Documents were found that put the ship carrying the Jumbos docking in mid-September, I (vaguely) recall. :) I recently stumbled across a line talking about orders to upgun Jumbo LATE December, so more likely seeing action in January. Its likely that Jumbo will come in for Market Garden to allow for reworking the official US TO&E. Wait til the vehicle pack and Jumbo might only come in as 'individual' vehicles. ...maybe :)

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"Vehicle pack" is an interesting idea...

I recall excited (happy) discussion that CMBN would allow one to play SS vs Wermacht and all sorts of other "unrealistic" scenarios, that it seemed strange that effort was being made to only have the correct era weapons systems in a particular module so as to be "realstic."

As a gamer, it's been frustrating to be denied access to lots of weapon systems. A vehicle/accessory pack module could be a great (and profitable for BF) solution so that those who enjoy the CM series as a game could enjoy the new toys, while the milpro/grog purists could stick with the base game as it would be more historical.

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I think the vehicles in the vehicle pack, or Battlepack as Steve called it, would be realistic for the timeframe, just not as common. For example here is a list I put together for German and US vehicles we might see in the Battlepack assuming we get flamethrowers and Flak by then. All these were present in theatre for the timeframe. I don't want to guess on Commonwealth yet since we have no idea as to what will be in the initial Commonwealth module.

15cm SiG 33

15cm SiG 33/1 Grille

Flak Pz 38



Sturmpanzer IV

Stug IV



4.7 Pak auf 35r

Marder II or Marder I according to Winkelried.

Sdkfz 7

Sdkfz 10/4 20 mm Flak

Sdkfz 7/2 37 mm Flak

Sdkfz 7/1 4x20 mm Flak

SPW 251/16 Flame

Stuart Kangaroo

White Scout car

That being said I don't think Battlefront should be too anal about what not to include. They did give us the T-90 in CMSF even though it was debateable if Syria had any.

PS this list assumes we get these with the Commonwealth module:

King Tiger

Jagdpanzer V


And these with the Market Garden Module:




Sdkfz 234/3

M18 Hellcat

Sherman Jumbo 75

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My list FFI:

Citroen traction avante

One variant with wood-gas engine

Ciroen Rosalie

My wishes for amphibious vehicles (as we now have water):



Assault Boat/Sturmboot with a heavy engine

and naturally

A deployable pontoon bridge - imagine the scenario :-o

And for Market Garden

REAL PARACHUTES !!! Imagine the scenario:dropping tje guy on their chutes and then they have to.collect the material boxes

In the same run BFC could also provide some real gliders gliding into the map

Ok maybe a bit exaggeratin towards the end of this post ;-)

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