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Are AT Rockets NOT Bazooka Ammo

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Thanks- and the AT Rockets? What are they for (if not the bazooka)?

Not sure what you mean; As far as I can tell, the image you posted shows a team carrying a bazooka, and 4 rockets for same.

Infantry "specials", including infantry AT weapons such as panzerfausts, zooks/shrecks, and rocket ammo for zooks and shrecks, show in the game as icons in the unit equipment box, and there is one rocket icon shown per rocket carried. This rocket ammunition does not also show as a text line with numerical value in the ammo box.

And no, this isn't the way I would have done it. IMHO, it's a little counter-intuitive that a frag rifle grenade shows as "66mm HE" with a numerical count in the ammo box, while a HEAT rifle grenade shows as an icon in the equipment box. But it's also not something I lose a lot of sleep over.

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Yankee Dog - the Vietnam war era HEAT rifle grenade - the M31 - was indeed 66mm in diameter. But in WW II, 57mm was the diameter of the standard rifle grenades, the M9 (HE) and M9A1 (HEAT).

Good catch; that's a very good guess that the "66mm" comes from the vietnam-era rifle grenade.

According what I've read, though, the M9 rifle grenade was not an HE grenade -- it was the precursor to the M9A1 and was largely phased out by 1944, and like its descendant also had a HEAT warhead. A U.S. HE-frag rifle grenade of WWII vintage would either be the M17, which was basically a Mk. II frag grenade body welded onto a rifle grenade tail, with an impact fuse rather than a time fuse, or simply the grenade projection adapter, which was really just a carrier that allowed an actual Mk. II frag to be fired as a rifle grenade.

I dunno... what's the diameter of a Mk. II hand grenade? 66mm?

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I just ran a little test. Fired my split squad AT team out of zook rockets. Went back to acquire more. Got more, kept firing no problem. I cannot reproduce your problem. Actually, I have the opposite problem. Once my men get withing 20-25m of a source of acquireable rockets they start 'borrowing'! The go from empty to 1 'auto-acquired' to another 5 'shared' available without my acquiring. Are you sure your problem isn't a glitch with the 3rd party UI art?

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