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It's coming

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Yeah, the end of European national sovereignty is rapidly approaching. Long live the European superstate with a president that is appointed and a parliament that has no power.


"The current crisis makes it relentlessly clear that we cannot have a common currency zone without a common fiscal, economic and social policy," Schroeder said.

He added: "We will have to give up national sovereignty."

"From the European Commission, we should make a government which would be supervised by the European Parliament. And that means the United States of Europe."

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"Great Britain causes the greatest problems. (It is) not in the euro but the British nevertheless always want to participate when it comes to designing a European economic area," he said. "That doesn't work."

Has for the last few hundred years ; )

He is barking if he thinks the northern Europeans want to get into bed with corrupt southern countries in some form of democracy. Pork barrel heaven but more so. Afterall if Austria could be threatened with God knows what for having a neo-Nazi elected then sanctions against countries for endangering the Euro would seem a lot less intrusive on "democracy".

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It seems to me that this is a surefire way to ensure that a European federation doesn't happen. If they were serious, they'd let this version fall over and use what powers the EU formation already has to set it back up - then (provided they succeed) go for federation.

Greece won't be let go because it occupies an important strategic location as far as NATO is concerned: it is the buffer (and communications zone) for when the ME finally goes tits up, for real. Without it, NATO relies on Russia's goodwill to project any further east than about Turkey. (Israel gets harder to support, too.)

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Europeans woke up some time ago to the realization they really cannot afford any more of the fratricidal wars they had indulged in for the previous millennium or two. Empires had been tried as a form of unification and shown not to work. So now they are trying a different approach. Maybe this will work and maybe it won't for any of a thousand reasons, but I say let them give it a chance. Whatever mess they cook up will almost certainly be better than World War III.


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There have been many definitions of hell, but for the English the best definition is that it is the place where the Germans are the police, the Swedish are the comedians, the Italians are the defense force, Frenchmen dig the roads, the Belgians are the pop singers, the Spanish run the railways, the Turks cook the food, the Irish are the waiters, the Greeks run the government, and the common language is Dutch.

Remember this one?....

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