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bug with British engineer NV and indesctructible trees

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I have noticed that british assault engineer don't see at night. They have the NV icon but it doesn't seem to work.

To be sure, i compared with a company of british fusilier.

I made a test scenario.

The infantry company could see and fire at Syrians infantry at 200 m.

In the same conditions, the assault engineer were blind, like the Syrians.

I also noticed that the company commander of the infantry was also blind. The rest of the company had night vision but the company commander could not see Syrians and his own troops.

Will there be a patch to correct this ?

Will it be possible to have the same modification that we had in CMBN for trees that are resistant to heavy guns.

I made a qb with tanks in a forest and noticed that 120 mm shells are still stopped by small trees. I think that trees should be destroyed by 25 mm bursts and bigger guns.

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