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Best use of last points for AT defense?

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I don't have the game in front of me so I can't be sure of the unit points, but IIRC you could buy 2 Schrecks with 75 points, correct? It really depends on the map with regards to size and terrain and expected enemy force composition. Assuming it is a typical CMx2 QB, i.e. company-sized cage match fought on a tiny square of land with "Mixed" force-type, 2 Schrecks would likely be of more use than one 50mm gun.

Even if you can only buy 1 Schreck it may be a better choice.

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It's worth bearing in mind that your 50mm will probably need either very close range or a flank shot to be able to discommode a Sherman. If you're going to be able to arrange those for the PaK38, you'll probably be able to do it for a Shreck too, and you're, I think, more likely to get a kill from a Shreck hit than a 50mm AP.

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