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Concept mods thread

nik mond

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....Or better known as mods that shall remain on the cutting room floor.

First is the head shot mod. Everytime a helmet is shot off; voila, entrance and exit wound. The payoff is when the helmet is shot off while they are standing, very rare.

Not a photoshop. Actual ingame picture.


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And for all you bachelors out there....The Single Guy Mod. Yes, select a foward observer Formation, set it to 50% casualty, then puchase 50% 2 man and 3 man specialty teams under C2 of the FO. Make sure you set all attributes to Max +2 to ensure each guy is Rambo'd up. I did a minicamp with 2 X 10 man teams, but lost interest in making more maps by the 3rd battle. The only issue is that the primary weapon of the core unit is lost after the first battle. So the A gunner goes back to the rifle. Surprisingly it was more fun to play than it looks.


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Its not a zombie mod exactly. The wounds are on every soldier hidden under their hats as Stoex said. I have no desire to release this, but If someone was to do a face mod maybe they would like to include this with it.

As for the single entities I am surprised how well it worked. You would be busy controlling 30. Buddy aid, vehicle supply ammo, and the +2 attributes really become essential for it to work.

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Its not a zombie mod exactly.

Well, it is kind of, isn't it? I mean, if all the soldiers already have gaping head wounds as they go into battle, and the only thing preventing their brains dripping out is their helmets, that sounds pretty zombie to me. :D

Just kidding, of course. it's actually quite a creative idea, I think, though not something I personally would want to use.

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