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Run on two machines?

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Here's the potential problem I'd like some guidance with …

I run an all Apple world …

I have a MacBook Pro and an iMac ….

I have CMBN 1.01b installed on my MacBook Pro with its 15" screen, which I've been using when I travel, but I'd also like to install and run it on my iMac with it's terrific 27" cinema screen and huge sound volume….

Is this legal for my license and I assume using something like Head to Helper with my common Drop Box, I could easily play the same PBEM game whether I'm on the road or when I get home, continue to play it on the iMac?

A separate question …

If I buy a new machine (MacBook Pro is getting a little long in the tooth), I assume I can just restore the current CMBN file structure from my SuperDuper (or Time Machine) backup and carry on without a problem? Any Mac users ever down that?

Thanks for any feedback … :)



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I'm not a Mac user so cannot comment on Mac specific stuff but I do run the game on my PC and note book. I believe I am legally allowed to do this - it was discussed in the forums. I checked the EUSL.txt file and while running on dual machines is not specified there is nothing about disallowing it either. The curx of the agreement is you get to use the program and you can transfer the rights to someone else but then you no longer can use the program. Bottom line: the point of the agreement is that you agree to be a sole user of the game. To me that means you can put it on two machines for the purpose you describe (i.e. there are not going to be multiple users using both installs at the same time).

As for using Time Machine to restore an install on a new machine. I am sure that will work in the, will the game function sense, but you will most likely have to activate the game on your new machine. As far as I can tell the game's license is tied to a machine in some manner therefore if you get a new machine you will need to active the game again. When you bought the sw you were granted four activations and for each year you own the rights to play it you will be granted an additional activation.

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