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New file at the Repository: Huzzar! Redux (2011-08-27)

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0635Hrs August 7th 1944German panzer forces have been ordered to carry out a major attack against US forces, with the aim of breaking through their lines, separating the two American armies on the line Mortain – Avranches and pressing on across the Cotentin to the Atlantic coast. This attack went in at 2359Hrs last night (6th August) and had some initial success with small mobile German kampfgruppen making limited gains, especially in the vicinity of the small village of Mortain. The general combat situation is now very confused. The German kampfgruppen likely Course of Action (COA) is to secure a crossing point over the RIVER SOULEUVRE near LA FOUTELAYE. US armoured forces have been tasked to secure these crossing points before the enemy can.


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Sorry, I really love Huzzar but if this is a redux, I have played the 1st 20 minutes of it and it seems exactly the same. Without giving away any spoilers, what if anything is different? Do the opposing sides have greater choices of action plan or is it new or additional units?

Sorry, unless I am missing something I cannot see what the changes are.

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Changes are under the hood re victory conditions and objectives, plus several small tweaks to the US briefing and OOB. This was all done in response to feedback that is detailed in the Huzzar! thread (which contains spoilers). All designed to make the scenario a bit more winnable as the US - concerns were raised that it was too hard for the US in H2H. So without making massive changes I went under the hood and tweaked some stuff.

The designer notes in the scenario give the background to the changes.

So in summary no major or obvious changes but tweaks to the objectives and victory conditions, US brief, and OOB.

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Is this one suitable for PBEM or are the files too big for E-mail? Either way I'll be checking this out as you always do some nice sweet beasts fo scenario's! Thanks.

The tweaks were to favour H2H primarily making it more balanced.

The PBEM files will be pretty large - around 15 to 20Mb. I've just started using dropbox with my PBEM buddy - seems to work well and pretty efficient for exchnaging PBEM files. :)

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