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New file at the Repository: Valley of the kings (2011-08-25)

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What a treat!! A new CMA scenario and word of a new campaign coming out for CMA all on the same day!
Indeed, we are being spoiled. I'm interested to find out more about this Mullah Razar and his entourage and will therefore skip some hours in editing tonight. Thank You Stagler for uploading this mission to the reposistory!:) I will give You feedback once I have played Your mission.
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Hi Stagler,

Here is some feedback on your mission Valley of the kings. SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT

I started moving the 1st, 3rd and 4th platoon of A-company toward Hill 2521. Once they had a clear field of fire on the terrain that leads toward hill 2521 I positioned all units so that they covered the advance of one squad that I ordered to move up the hill to see if it could detect any minefields. While this unit was moving there came a group of mujahedeen out of nowhere and all my units opened fire on them. The mujahedeen were neutralised in a short but intence firefight and afterward I ordered the one squad to move in the direction of Ghar-Saa-at. The squad came under fire from a trench on the top of hill 2521 and one men was K.I.A. After I ordered the squad to take cover I moved the rest of my units to their position so they could deal with the threat coming from the top of the hill. In the fight that followed most of the mujahedeen in the trench were neutralised and I moved my units a little higher, right in front of Ghar-Saa-at. At this point I saved the game.

When B-company arrived below hill 2505 I ordered al units to hide and ordered a th 82 mm. mortars to attack the trenches on top of hill 2505. While the mortars were falling from the skies I ordered B-company to move out of the forest and up the hill quickly. They arrived unharmed and it seemed the mortars did an good job in neutralising any defenders positioned in the trenches on top of the hill. When I moved one squad toward the trenches on the left side of the hill it came under fire from the right side of the hill and I lost two men, one K.I.A. and one W.I.A. I moved the rest of my units to the same trenches on the left side of the hill but now further away from the direction the fire was coming from. All units arrived unharmed and the units in the two trenches closest to Ghar-Saa-at had a clear view on the trenches below them. After a while they spotted some mujahedeen down there and opened fire. In the firefight that followed all mujahedeen were killed and I lost no units. At this point I saved the game again.

When I continued the mission I advanced one of my platoon commanders to the ridge of hill 2501 so he could get a clear view of Ghar-Saa-at. While he was moving he became the target of a group of mujahedeen that was moving in the same direction he did but from the right side of the hill. The commander ended up K.I.A. I moved the rest of my units to the position of the commander to engage the mujahedeen and attack them from the rear. The mujahedeen clearly did not see this coming and were neutralised very fast. I now had the opportunity to bombard Ghar-Saa-at but I spotted a bunker right down hill 2501. I ordered the 120 mortars to attack the bunker, after the bombardment all occupants were neutralised. I had Ghar-Saa-at in my sights from all sides now and figured there would be not much room for escape for any mujahedeen. I repeatedly ordered the MIG's to bomb the buildings and the other bunker near Ghar-Saa-at and waited for them to finish the job. Once the MIG's were done I ordered the 1st and 3rd platoon of A-company to move in on the buildings at Ghar-Saa-at. They came under sniperfire from a position below hill 2501 but no unit was hit. From their secure positions in the buildings at Ghar-Saa-at my units neutralised the sniper and then I waited for the mission to end because I was sure I had neutralised all mujahedeen.

When the mission ended I was surprised to see I did not achieve the targets objective which meant Mullah Razar had escaped.:mad: Anyway, I achieved a major victory but must admit it, I was playing the mission at difficultylevel veteran.:) I had a good time playing your mission as it had some pretty tence moments in it. Thank you very much for putting this mission up to the repository!;)

P.S. I wanted to show the AAR but somehow I could not get the thing into my reply so I gave up on this.:confused:

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Nice AAR. I was surprised that any mortar or arty other than super heavy would neutralize a bunker (so I have never even tried). I probably would have hoped that the airstrike would do that.

Is that a CMA bunker phenomenon, or are bunkers in CMSF and CMBN also vulnerable to mortars? (Also, would 60mm or 81mm have any effect?)

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I was surprised that any mortar or arty other than super heavy would neutralize a bunker (so I have never even tried). I probably would have hoped that the airstrike would do that.

Well the bunker itself remained intact but the mujahedeen inside were all killed by the explosions on and besides the bunker. When the 120 mm. mortars were used up I called for two airstrikes on the other bunker but they both missed.:D

A new campaign? By BF or a user-made campaign?
A user made campaign.
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Right in the middle of this one now. Night is falling and it's getting darker by the moment.

A company has two squads pinning and destroying the Mujahideen where they spot them in their mountaintop trenches. The artillery is helping while my squads pin down whoever opens fire on them. 3rd squad is moving south around the mountain to cut off the escape route into Pakistan.

B company has just arrived is going to move around the western end of the ridge in order to envelope the Mujahideen hideout.

I've lost approximately 4-5 men so far, I belive 1 killed and 4 wounded or so. Mostly all of the casualties are from 1st squad, A Company as they have shouldered the most of the fighting so far.

I'm completely enjoying this map and scenario! The longer time limit is nice as I feel I can take my time and move cautiously without feeling rushed or pressed into exposing my troops more than necessary.

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