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Major Nosov's Brigade (WIP)

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Working on a new campaign for CM:A named Major Nosov's Brigade - A Company, 56th Airborne Brigade commanded by Major Usof Nosov goes to battle against Mujahideen and Tribal Militia during December 1979 thru April 1980.

Information, Status, and Screen shots can be found at CM:A link at Fredrocker's Combat Mission Site (link below)

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How long have you been working on it and what is the ETA? Just curious.

Well with the work on the Sie Kommen II campaign for CM:BN I believe I can have this released by October 1st... I have 7 of the 9 maps done and 3 scenarios tested, need to do all the briefings, maps, etc plus there will be a PDF document with some in depth information (fictional) about each battle, and additional map/aerial photo style information. If you keep an eye on the website, I will update both this campaign and Sie Kommen II as I go...

I worked on this back in Feb-March, but then CM:BN came along... I really enjoy CM:A though, its got a really good 'feel' to it... and I am gettin back into it...

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UPDATE-- All is on schedule for this release 'October 1st' ... I have captured some great video during some of the playtests and will be posting a short movie showcasing some of the battles in the next couple of days... Also more screenies have been added to the website....

One of the things I found entertaining in testing is the voice when a 'chopper' is reporting to the FO and you can here the whirlybird sound of the motor get loud in the background...

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