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Chinese Quagmire

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Increase carriers to long ranged air and use to reduce entrenchment.

Flank Chinese (e.g. to North). Once you start to break through Chinese poor mobility gives them problems reacting and they often get HQ stuck in difficult locations.

Use bombers to kill their MPP and reduce entrenchment.

Use TAC air ASAP (build one early)

Get IW2 and upgrade mobility ASAP.

Concentrate forces using mobility to rotate a large number of attacks against a single target.

Look at your leaders, upgrade to better ones if needed, it makes a huge difference.

Armour - Chinese cannot afford AT technology.

Garrison with cheap corps to reduce partisan problems.

Basically, once you achieve concentration of forces above a certain level Chinese will crumble. If you drain their MPP at several locations it forces them to make hard choices and sacrifice units.

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