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Wargamer's Digest / Military Digest - Battle Stations scenarios

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Hi all.

Has anyone ever converted the Battle Stations, Small Unit Action scenarios from Gene McCoy's Wargamer's Digest publication (1974-88?) to Combat Mission? I have a bunch of the magazines in my collection. However i have found a wargamer group that have all the scenarios in PDF format. I have downloaded them, but seeing as i had to sign up to their account to get them, anyone interested should do the same at this link:


I have always wanted to play the Battle Stations series in Combat Mission, i just never had the time to build them. Or the knowledge of how to convert the OOB's.

So i am posting this in the event that this may persuade any of you fine gentlemen that produce scenarios for CM.

Here is a example that has some info and scanned pages of a Battle Stations scenario:


Battle Stations, Small Unit Action



You are the company commander of A company, 15th Infantry Regiment. Your regiment is part of the 5th US Infantry Division - Motorized, which is rapidly moving across France, from Normandy towards the Moselle River.

Your division is part of the 20th Corps under General Patton's 3rd Army. The division has been operating north of the famed 4th Armored Division. Your 15th Regiment is in division reserve. At this stage of the "Battle of France", US forces are running into small, scattered pockets of German resistance.

You are called to regimental headquarters and informed by your regimental commander that he has a special mission for you. He hands you a tactical map of the Revigny area and informs you that a small German force has infiltrated behind the 4th Armored Division - to your south - and cut its main supply route. Your mission is to move to the small village and destroy the German blocking force.

You locate the village in grid square F-1 on your map and note that you will approaching it along Highway 2 - which joins with Highway 1 in Grid Square C-1. Highway 1 is the main supply route for the 4th Armored Division. Looking at the map, you decide to move your infantry company to the road junction in grid square B-3 and then move forward to estimate the situation and plan your attack.

The regimental intelligence officer informs you that French resistance forces reported that a motorized German infantry platoon holds the village, and that it has been reinforced by an armored panzergrenadier platoon - in armored halftracks - along with a Stug IV armed with the long 75mm gun.

As your motorized infantry company moves into its assembly area in the woods located in grid square A-3, you move forward - with 1 truck of infantry for security and scouting - through grid square C-3 and around the corner of brushline C to Hill 101. You can see a Stug IV standing at the intersection in the town with its gun aimed down Route 1 towards Hill 101. You note several Krupp Kfz 69 infantry trucks parked around the buildings and estimate that the infantry must be occupying firing positions within the houses. It appears that the main German defense is placed to cover the approach to the village from the direction of Hill 101. You also note 3 German SdKfz 251/1 halftracks to the rear of building number 4 in the village. The wind is blowing from right to left as you look into the town.

Your infantry company consists of your Company HQ (2 x Command Carbine, 2 x Bazooka), 3 Rifle Platoons (1 x Command Rifle, 1 x Bazooka, 9 x Rifle), 1 Weapons Platoon (1 x Command Carbine, Jeep w/.50cal, 3 x 60mm Mortar, 4 x LMG) plus attached from Battalion, 1 Mortar Platoon (1 x Command Carbine, 1 x Jeep w/.50cal, 6 x 81mm Mortar, 6 x Jeep) and 1 AT Gun Platoon (1 x Command Carbine, 1 x Jeep w/.50cal, 3 x 57mm AT gun, 3 x Trucks). All are Confident Trained.

The Germans consist of a Company HQ (2 x Command PzFaust SMG), 1 Motorized Platoon (1 x Command PzFaust SMG, 4 x MG, 1 x HMG[Attached]), 1 Armored PzGren Platoon (1 x Command PzFaust SMG, 4 x MG, 3 x SdKfz 251/1), and 1 understrength Panzerjager platoon (1 x Command Stug IV). All are Confident Veteran.

You must deploy your company to provide a base of fire and a maneuver element. While the German force is smaller than yours, it occupies well covered defensive positions. How are you going to plan your attack to dislodge the Germans from the village?

There are lots of them. I think these scenario's would make a great addition to the CM community.

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