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Movement cost - Ignorance is bliss

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It's a strange fenomena that movement is restricted when the movement path af a unit is uncovered by another unit, be it recon-unit or airplane.

This happens when an enemy unit is discovered. Moving in front of this unit costs an extra action point and can prevent a unit from going there. It appears that a unit can go faster when the terrain is unknown! When they move into unknown enemy territory, they move with blind eyes full speed ahead, but when they know where the obstacles and enemy are, they slow down to a crawl. Ignorance is bliss, I would say.

I also find that moving next to a HQ should give no movement penalty (perhaps next to air-units also). These units cannot engage in combat on there own initiative and therefore cannot force a unit to cover while moving.




Right:after recon mission

In the example above I would expect a movement penalty when passing the enemy unit. It only costs 2 AP to move 2 squares. After discovering the HQ with a recon aircraft the unit doesn't have the AP to get a shot at it. So discovering the terrain make it cost at least twice as much AP as going there blind.

PS. I do have last point. When a unit has used up all the AP's during their movement, how could they be able to engage in combat?

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For the most part this is just a part of the game mechanics as a unit that goes ahead blindly is not necessarily doing so without penalty.

For example, the discovery of a hidden unit may result in a surprise combat encounter and usually at the disadvantage of the moving unit as the hidden defender will receive combat bonuses and so on.

Granted in this case you've discovered an HQ but it could also very well have been a well prepared Tank and thus a different final result to the moving unit.

For the APs exhausted during movement question, this is just a game mechanic as well as we do have 'strikes' as a separate category from action points or 'movement points' if that term is more desirable.

Hope this helps,


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