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Who are these officers?

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Didn't Manteuffel also lead 5th Panzer Army to the deepest penetration of the Bulge (Celles)?

Yes he did. But not Langkeit AFAIK - he stayed with Grossdeutschland.

But that wouldn't explain leaves on deciduous trees behind him. More likely contemporaneous with the "Lion of Zhitomir" operation of mid-'44?

Probably. Manteuffel was commander of GD from 1. Feb 44 to 1. Sep 44. Langkeit was commander of the Panzerregiment GD from 1. Mar 43 to End of 44. Afterwards he commander the Panzergrenadierdivision Kurland. So he stayed on the Eastern front.

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I love the photos BFC have selected for the load screens. Theres so much fascinating detail in them, I always seem to notice something new each game, and I find myself creating stories about the guys and the circumstances of the photo.

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