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Tiger In the Workshop_WIP


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Wonderful weathering. Thank you!

The crude and weathered numbers look terrific. So many otherwise good mods (including uniforms) have bright new numbers or patches which ruins the effect. And this tank should blend into the terrain nicely. Most of the other tank mods have such brightly colored "camouflage" that they actually stand out in terrain like brand new toys.

Actually, this is probably the best-looking CMBN vehicle mod so far. (Although I like the weathered, jeep, kubelwagon and truck that someone did.)

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Outstanding!! ... Panther next you say?! ;)

edit:Oh my mistake didnt see the Panther one!

Question:It says "Tiger I Late" or "Panther A Early" Guessing this means i wont have the mud(your skin) on a Tiger I Early if thats what im given in the mission? Just the Late variant? If so are you going to address that issue? Thanks in advance.

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Fuser, you have a fantastic eye for detail and a rather well developed sensibility to bring the entire effect together - thank you very much for sharing your work!

I would love to see you have a go at the US/German halftracks should you have the desire. Hell, I'll be honest, I would like you to keep going until you have hit every vehicle in the game.;)

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